Saturday, April 18, 2015

3 things

The top 3 things I have discovered in the 3 years since I last posted ...
 1- Hiking (pics and favorite hiking places coming soon)
 2- Eating better (how and why coming soon)
 3-camping (pics and places, you guessed it coming soon)
 and I'll through in a fourth cause its that important a good glass Bottle of Wine

Why is the blog named Saltpig?

I'm back after 3 long years and a TON has changed with the family, but I thought I'd start my fist blog post on the lighter side of things by maybe clearing up why this silly tiny blog is Named Salt pig and I don't have a real answer for why this blog was originally named Salt pig. I had a Salt pig I spent a ton of time in my kitchen and I guess I figured it was different. So there is the only answer I got. Stay tuned for maybe a few more interesting post. Like what I now do in my Free time, what happens in the kitchen, what happens outside of the kitchen and what the 3 gromments aka the kids are up to.