Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Well May is almost coming to an end. what a crazy month. Yesterday was memorial day and I had a wonderful day. Actually the whole weekend was awesome. Friday Riley and his cub scout troop put flags on all the war veteran's grave markers. It was a great and humbling experience to say the least. Photobucket
Saturday the family drove up to Sacramento for a family Birthday /BBQ.
Then on Sunday we drove out to Stockton to hang with our friend Malia,Adam and there adorable baby boy Devon. That was a lot of fun just kicking back talking laughing and having some great food. Monday we got up super early packed up the family + our neighbor Dean and headed out to Fairfield, Brian and Dean were going golfing with Kevin and his co-worker. Dawn and i hung out for a min at her house and then my mom called and convinced us to get the kids and come out to Napa,to BBq at my Grandma's house. When we got there my mom had a hair brain idea to go out to the golf course gets some golf carts and harass Brian and the guys. So of course we did we had to bring the extra golf balls. We knew they were going to be loosing a lot during there 18 holes of golf. We had two golf carts 3 adults and 5 kids you do the math. haha we looked so pretty crazy. After tearing up the golf course we went back and had fun at the park with the kids and cooking with my mom. We didn't end up getting home until after 10:30 last night. Then we woke up early again and Brian had a work meeting and I took number 1 to school I better get to cleaning the house and cooking lunches. whoo hoo good time with family and friends!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

May 22

its so crazy windy outside right now there are tumbleweeds blocking my front gate. It knocked our power out this morning. I didn't notice cause I was sleepingPhotobucket
Do you think Matthew is comfortable. lol

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May 20th

Tuesday May 20th. The weather has cooled off a lot its now really muggy and windy. I am watching Lilly today. She just went down for a nap, and Delaney is sleeping too. Delaney should be waking up soon. It's been a crazy week. Saturday we had Riley's scout-o-Rama that was a ton of fun. They had booths set up and the kids got to play a ton of cool games and learn some new things. Riley tied a square knot launched a treveshe(sp) and made a water bottle rocket. Matthew got to do join him so it was so cute seeing them do that stuff together. Then we headed to a birthday party. Sunday we had Matthew party, and I have to say it was the funnest party I have had here for the kids so far. WE had a jumpy house,played pin the nose on the clown and had a pinata. The kids had a blast and my mom cooked her famous Hamburgers in a hot dog bun. I am very lucky to have such great friends and a awesome family. I am so grateful for the simple things in life. I have been learning recently that rushing through life and wanting everything now isn't' the best way of life for me. I am learning to take thing slower. and to really look at the big picture. Life just goes by way too fast, and its not worth getting all angry all the time and stressing over every little thing. I just want to have fun while I can. I know that sounds pretty childless but if I am an Adult about all the things I need to be responsible for I can have fun in every other part of my life. I just have grown out of wanting Dram a in my life,now I just want to sit back and enjoy the ride. have fun with my kids and my Husband.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May 14th

Happy Birthday to Matthew today he is 3 years old.its amazing that its only been 3 years. Matthew as a little guy Photobucket
This was taken today Photobucket

Well today's post might have you laughing or not,haha
So I got up and because Brian had a meeting this morning I took Riley to school. I got into the car and the radio was on Alice. The D.J Sarah was talking about how she thinks of her life as a movie, and how all day long she has a running narration going on in her head. The male D.J's couldn't believe it they didn't understand. I was sitting there going OMG that is what I do all day long. lol I totally talk to myself in my head, I think about all the things I would love to write down and tell people, then when I do go to write them down its not as funny as it was in my head. I have arguments with myself I go through things I would say to someone if I had the courage to say it. I know there are others out there just like me. Constantly thinking and talking to that little voice in your head.
So on the way home from dropping Riley off at school I was even narrating this in my head of what I was going to write in this blog. OMG am I sad or what. I am sure its not as interesting as it was in my head. haha
So if there are others out there please comment and tell me so I don't feel so retarded. here are some other things I do maybe you can relate
- If I am shopping and I find something I don't really need but want I carry it around with me and if by the time I get to the check out if I still am not sure if I want it I put it back.
-I have fake arguments in my head with my self
-I can't stand the feel of newspaper or even brown paper bags
-I have a real hard time throwing things away, it makes me so nervous sometimes I just can't do it. I know if it wasn't for my husband I would be like those pack rats you see on those cleaning tv shows.
-I have to sleep with at least a sheet on even if its like a million degrees at night
-I love to read but I can't spell worth a crap if it wasn't for spell check I would be doomed. oh there are so many other things I can't even remember right now.

Monday, May 12, 2008

May 13th

Well I had a great mothers day! My mom came up Saturday night and spent the night and we had Brunch with Brian's mom and step-father. he made the best eggs benedict. My favorite breakfast ever. The rest of the day went well, relaxed in the back yard sunbathing in my hammock with a margarita. Monday was a good day, I got up and got my butt on my treadmill. I didn't' want to I never do. I got on and I actually jogged for 10 mins which is a big accomplishment for me. I couldn't believe I did it. I felt great and very proud of my self. Then Brian, I and the kids went to get Riley and went to Wal-mart. Saw some live action drama take place. A woman got caught shoplifting and when the undercover security guard tried to take her in to custody her posse started trying to fight the security guard. oh it was great.People are so stupid sometimes it amazes me. Then after all that we went shopping and then went home. I tried to get some sewing done but that didn't go so well. Then we went out to dinner and had an nice family dinner.
Today is off to a slow start. Matthew is in time out crying and Delaney is trying to take a nap. I still need to walk and get stuff together for Matthew's birthday party this weekend.

Friday, May 9, 2008

May 9th

Woke in a horrible mood today. Its really bad when you start your day off like that. I got very little sleep last night( what else is new right?) Delaney woke up around 3 and wanted to eat and then I put here back to bed and I couldn't fall back to sleep right away so like a crazy old lady I am packing Riley's school lunch at 3:45 AM. When I got back to bed Matthew was in my spot and wouldn't give it up he ended up kicking me in the face, nice huh? I just had no motivation today and my poor house looks like a tornado hit it.
ON the bright side Riley and I started on his Cub scout projects, Since he joined late we have to do all the Den activities at home which is actually quiet fun. We just did a food pyramid, and we started a family scrapbook. We did a leaf rubbing last night which turned out pretty cool. We have to do a lot more so he can graduate in June but it won't be that hard. He got his little tiger paw last night so he can start putting his beads on it. My mother -in-law found Brian's old cub scout uniform that she kept, it was so cool seeing Riley wear it. His face just lights up and you can tell he is so proud of himself when he wears his uniform, its too cool.
We are going to have a big BBQ with the Neighbor tonight, some pork loin and tiger prawns yummy. Tomorrow Delaney and i are going to pick up Dawn and head over to a friends house for a purse party. Friday started off Rocky but it seems like its going to end up OK.:)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

This is too cute Delaney saying Da-Da. She says it all the time and usually claps and laughs too. Brian gets so happy when she says it when he walks into a room. She interacts so much now and Matthew is her constant showtime circus performer. He is always acting goofy for her. I tried to get her on video acting like a monkey and picking at his hair and eating his imaginary fleas. it was too funny. she seriously looked like a little baby monkey with his head in her lap and her little fingers picking through his hair. i couldn't stop laughing. But every time I got the camera out she wanted to play with that instead. oh well one day I will get it on film so I can embarrass her and Matthew later. lol

May 8th

Whoo Delaney is 9 months old today. We just got back from her Doctors apt. She is now 19lbs and 10oz and 27inches long. She is growing great and is right on schedule developmentally. she got two shots and is sleeping now.
I love Thursdays, Riley has cub scouts on Thursdays and I love taking him to that. He feels so grown up in his cub scout uniform. and all my favorite shows are on Thursday night. so thanks to my Tivo after I get all the kiddies down to sleep I get to veg out and relax in front of the T.V. Then come the very welcomed Friday.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May 7th

So glad its Wednesday. I am looking forward to Mothers day. i hope my mom can make it out. I haven't spent a mothers day with her in almost 3 years. I still have a card I bought 3 years ago. It's hard with the gas prices to go out and see her as much as i would like, and its hard for her to get out here too.
Its been 3 days on my new exercise , eating plan. Its going good so far. I just have to keep my ass on the treadmill. its hard but once I get passed the first 15 mins it gets easier. Plus My best friend and i are keeping each other encouraged. Every day I send her an e-mail telling her how I have been and asking her how she is doing. It makes us accountable to each other. For me its good writing to her everyday because its like I am also telling my self to keep on track.
No major plans for today just get my stuff done around the house and keep the kids entertained. Delaney woke me up around 6:45 with her little coos and Da-Da. She says Da-DA all the time and sometimes it even sounds like she says Dad. its so cute. its funny when Riley and Matthew try to get her to say mamama. She will be ( months old tomorrow. still no teeth and not crawling yet, but she gets around good. she just scoots herself on her little behind. She also has a walker and she is all over the place in that thing. Matthew woke up today around 9:30 and the first thing he said when he say me was "You love me mommy?" he just melts my heart, then 20 mins later he is breaking a DVD and having a melt down. haha
The weather is perfect outside, I think I am gong to go clean the kitchen and get the kids outside to play.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May 6th

Delaney is sleeping and Matthew is relaxing watching a movie. I have a few minutes before I have to go get Riley from school. I have been so frustrated lately for now apparent reason. my mind is pulled in a million different directions. I have so much I want/need to accomplish during the day its hard for me to focus on one thing. I don't know how people do it some days. I did get a good healthy Breakfast and lunch on the table today and exercised for a good solid 30 min. Thank Goodness Brian was home till almost 12 to help clean the boys room and the kitchen.

I want to be able to be like one of those mothers that has everything organized and the family ona schedule. I try but its hard for me since I have never been like that. I think the first step is to get up at the same time everyday. That is my biggest hurdle only cause Delaney still isn't sleeping through the night yet. hopefully soon when she is I can get a good solid night sleep and be able to get up and start my day off on a good start. I just feel like my day goes a bit more smoothly when I can get up before Matthew and get some things done.


may 2nd

Took a nice long walk today with the kids and Brian to pick Riley up from school. It turned out a lot easy then I thought it was going to be. On the way home Both Delaney and Matthew fell asleep and Riley didn't complain once about having to walk. The weather was perfect it was not too hot and the sun was covered by the clouds. I am hopping to do that at least a couple times a week. Depending on what I have to get done during the day. It took us all together about 2 hours to walk there and back. I am not exactly sure what the distance is but I am guessing about 3 miles round trip.Thank god for my deluxe duo Cadillac of strollers. We are going to BBQ tonight and my friend Kelly is stopping by to pick up a Blanket I made for her to give as a gift at a baby shower. Looking forward to tomorrow. We are headed to Santa Rosa to a surprise 30th birthday party for my cousin. Should be tons of fun.
delaney in stroller

May 1 st

Got up early today and got Riley ready for school. Delaney and I hung out for awhile till she decided to go back to sleep. I got some deep cleaning of the kitche and done and wilded down my Laundry pile which is never ending. Matthew woke up and wanted oatmeal. Delaney woke up and surprised Matthew and I by pulling herself up for the first time using her crib rails. Matthew clapped and cheered while I took some videos. Picked Riley up from school go him home and he did his chores and his homework. We sat down for an early dinner and now we are off to Cub scouts in about an hour. :)
need new socks
I think I need some new socks- looks like tomorrow I will be goign to target.

the reason for This page

I am starting this page in hopes of keeping a log of my daily life. It is mostly for myself, but I hope that my family and friends decide to check in once in awhile to see just "What I do all Day" I'll post pics to try to keep it interesting. :)