Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Blues

I am feeling a little down today and I am not really sure why. I just not really feeling today. So I think if I write about my weekend I might feel a little better. Friday Brian and Dean helped Paint my living Room/Dinning room it seems a lot brighter int he pics, the other wall is a pale sunshine. it looks good and it makes the room brighter. We ended up stopping for a break and going over to a friends house for a bbq. The kids played, the adults drank Margaritas and ate, we had a good time. One the way home My middle child announces he wants to go home and eat and watch TV, and asks me if that is a good idea. I tell him Um no its 11:00 O'clock you all ready ate and when we get home its bedtime. He then tells me "Um mom I Don't care about clocks I just want to go home and eat and watch tv" Lol Brian and I couldn't help but laugh so when we got home we decided since it was a Friday night the kids could stay up. So about half and hour after getting home this is what the kids looked like. Saturday I headed out to napa to visit with Family. My dad took the kids and I to the Movies to see Monsters V's Aliens it was really funny all the kids were great. Delaney took her shoes socks off got her sippy cup and blanket and curled up in the movie chair and watched for awhile then fell asleep. lol Then I went over to my grandma's house to visit with my cousin she is pregnant and so cute!
We hung out for awhile and the kids played with their cousins. We left and headed home. Brian and Dean finished painting the living room and it looks wonderful. Sunday we hung out around the house and the kids decided to get muddy
Some more family pics - We took the kids to Mt. Diablo for a fun picnic lunch

And I finally got around to making a cute top for Pinky

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

broken A/C and Wahser

Man This week has been strange. First Monday the Washer breaks then on Tuesday the A/C, so I am over at my MIL sitting in the A/C and doing Laundry. I should be home cleaning my sewing area and the house but we need Laundry done and I get so cranky in the heat. so I opted to come here and hopefully tonight after it cools down I can get some cleaning done. I sort of been in a sewing funk lately any way, most likely cause my whole cutting table is cluttered with mess and because I am working on a quilt right now but keep thinking about a wall hanging I want to make.Money is super tight especially now that we have 3 unexpected repairs, so fabric and supply shopping is on hold.
Delaney is talking up a storm, she is my mini me. She yells at Matthew(Mawboo as she says)and Riley and tries to boss them around the house. When I am driving and at a red light she is yelling from the back seat "GO". lol Its too funny. I probably shouldn't encourage her bossy behavior but sometimes I can't help but just laugh and give her big smoochy kisses. Matthew will be 4 in may and he wants a big party of course he is such my social butterfly. I need to start looking into pre-schools for him so he can start in the fall. Riley is almost out for Summer break,I can't wait.
Well buzzer just went off for Dryer, gotta dash.

Monday, April 20, 2009

bloggers quilt festival

I don't know why I am even participated in this( I am sure I am way out of my league) Park city Bloggers quilt festivalexcept to maybe meet some more bloggers that quilt.So please check it out and participate! :) I have made a few quilts but I actually didn't call myself a quilter till I made this one->
completed quilt yayyyy me
completed back
I had some help from the Oh fransson quilt along,and I am so glad I did. I did everything by myself start to finish. It was my first attempt at stippling, and a pieced back. If you span through my blog you can see my progress from stat to finish.It Measures roughly 52X62 inches its the perfect size for me to cozy up on the couch with.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The newest quilt- Pink and Brown.

I just finished this quilt for my cousins baby girl, I don't even know when her shower is, but when she has it I will be ready. I started it early thinking it would take me awhile to get it done but it actually only took me 2 weeks. Sewing on the binding took me the longest. I love it so much I wanted to keep it for my Daughter. hehehe. I am use to working with the minky fabric i have made
at least a dozen blankets with it but I usually put Flannel on the front and just do a turn blanket. I have never did it with a binding, I really like the results.A few of the blocks have green in them which I really liked. I wanted to try to make it not to baby-ish. So she can grow up with it, and use it for a long time.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I can't wait for the new movie!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

my finished quilt

My Binding is blue I think it really picks up all the blues in the block and add a breaks contrast to the back.

completed back
This is the back, green on top and bright pink on the bottom.

I actually finished a quilt in a month from start to finish, i can't believe it and I am so proud of myself. I learned so much from this project and I am so thankful I participated in this Oh, Fransson quilt a-long

Thursday, April 2, 2009

next project

So my next project will be a baby quilt, my cousin says her colors are pink and brown. I want to do those colors, but am having a hard time finding fabric(no surprise there) I want it to look girly and not to baby, soft and cuddly and not to grown up. Anybody got some fabric suggestions for pinks and browns?