Wednesday, April 22, 2009

broken A/C and Wahser

Man This week has been strange. First Monday the Washer breaks then on Tuesday the A/C, so I am over at my MIL sitting in the A/C and doing Laundry. I should be home cleaning my sewing area and the house but we need Laundry done and I get so cranky in the heat. so I opted to come here and hopefully tonight after it cools down I can get some cleaning done. I sort of been in a sewing funk lately any way, most likely cause my whole cutting table is cluttered with mess and because I am working on a quilt right now but keep thinking about a wall hanging I want to make.Money is super tight especially now that we have 3 unexpected repairs, so fabric and supply shopping is on hold.
Delaney is talking up a storm, she is my mini me. She yells at Matthew(Mawboo as she says)and Riley and tries to boss them around the house. When I am driving and at a red light she is yelling from the back seat "GO". lol Its too funny. I probably shouldn't encourage her bossy behavior but sometimes I can't help but just laugh and give her big smoochy kisses. Matthew will be 4 in may and he wants a big party of course he is such my social butterfly. I need to start looking into pre-schools for him so he can start in the fall. Riley is almost out for Summer break,I can't wait.
Well buzzer just went off for Dryer, gotta dash.

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