Thursday, February 26, 2009

February 26th Almost friday

I got a new keyboard for my computer and it clicks I love typing on it. lol So I have decided to give it another go at trying to make some quilts. so far I have been playing it safe and making small baby blankets a few easy whole cloths ones and a couple pieced ones. I am the type of person who that starts a project likes to get it done and see the finished project fast. so that is why I mainly stick to things like purses aprons zippered pouches. Things I can do in a day or two. With 3 kids running around I tend to only be able to sew in 1/2 hour increments. So trying to tackle a quilt for me is a daunting task. planning it out cutting piecing sewing pinning quilting binding, man that just seems like a lot, but after looking at the awesome blog Sonnet of the Moon I have to start quilting again. After looking at all her awesome quilts I have the urge to get back on the quilting wagon. I really want to be a more patient and meticulous person and I am thinking quilting might help me do that. I learn by doing and have been so afraid to start quilting and spend a lot of unnecessary money on the things I don't really need. So I am just going to stick to basic quilts for now and when I have more time space and money do more elaborate ones.
So I am not going to totally abandon my sewing of purses that I love making I might actually have to make a few more to sell so I can just afford a quilting hobby. lol
So my obsessions have changed yet again. I love being able to expand my interests and not pigeon hole my self as just a SAHM or just a crafter, before I even was a SAHM I was a copy/fax technician that got greasy everyday and played with gizmos and gadgets. I am still in love with gizmos gadgets and love getting greasy and tearing things apart and putting them back together( that might be like quilting)but now I love to create things with my hands that I can use. Like aprons and purses, and cute clothes for my kid. Well now I am off to browse through some new phones I am drooling over I really want this one,The blackberry flip, but i will increase my cell bill by like 20 extra dollars, just to have internet. its hard to justify that cause I am home 90%of the day with internet on my computer. Aww but one can dream. I am sure in a few months a new phone will come out that I will want to once I can I will try to practice patience.


crystal said...

I am so very excited to see what sort of quilt you decide to make!

I definitely learned about being patient through quilting (I was already pretty meticulous). And also just sewing all those straight lines made me a better sewer, more confident. I think it's a wonderful way to spend 1/2 hour incriments of time if that's all you have to spare. There's a lot you can get done if you just do a little bit every day.

Regina said...

Thanks Crystal, I actually looked the oh Fransson blog and I really want to try the quilt along she has on her page. I have been looking at fabric o-line trying to decide what I want to get. There is way to much to choose from lol Thanks for all your great advice. Hopefully soon i will have some pics to look thru-