Friday, September 5, 2008

September 5th

I have never really been one to stress to hard about money, but man its so hard not to now a days. Everything is getting so expensive! every where you turn people are loosing homes, major business are shutting down. Just to drive around town to run errands it cost and arm and a leg in gas. Its hard to save for the future when you can hardly pay for the day to day stuff. I know that me going back to work won't even help because it will cost more to put the kids in day care( which I cringe at the thought of some stranger watching my babies) then I would bring home in pay. Plus my old company I use to work for just got bought by the company that Brian works for, so I wouldn't even be able to go back there. Times like I just want to pack up and move to a small town where we can walk ever where grow our own food and let go off all city life stress. It is my goal to get my family out of this state in the next 5 years trade it all in for a nice quiet life in the country were the kids can run and play in the sweet outdoors and just be outside and free. I would miss my Cali friends and family, but it would all be worth it if my kids can have a less stressful carefree life. I am sure that sounds a little naive and people say it would never be like that but I willing to try to make it happen.


Carrie said...

Hey Girl I just love reading your blog I created one too....Not sure how to do this yet but I am learning!

Anonymous said...

I've thought about moving to Illinois, Oregon, & Colorado...even Utah! But my husband would have to find a new job and starting over...sigh! I have a goal of getting good credit in the next year or two & in five years getting a decent sized house. I don't know if we will ever leave california though!

We can dream for now right?