Saturday, July 26, 2008

July 26th

Saturday is here and the house is quiet, Brian is at the store getting oil to make our weekend breakfast. Yummy homemade Dough nuggets. Riley and Brian make them for the rest of us and they are soooo yummy.Riley is out of summer school, so now he just has his daily tutoring which seems to be going good. He likes it and is excited about going and for Riley that says a lot. He has his first soccer practice on Tuesday so Brian's parents are going to get him a new pair of Soccer shoes today. Brian is going to work on a friends car and I think I am just going to lounge around the house, maybe do some sewing or do some de-cluttering. I am been keeping on a schedule for about 2 weeks now thanks to a very helpful website. I actually looked it a few years ago but it just wasn't for me then, I then stumbled across it again and it has been a life safer. My house isn't always clean but it is so tidy now. I don't have those piles of crap everywhere. and you can actually walk through the living room without stepping on toys. My bedroom is getting more and more de-cluttering every day you can see my dresser and Brian's dresser. The desk is visible and the mounds of papers are getting smaller. The felling I got from all the stuff was a suffocating feeling, and it is gone. Now every night before bed my kitchen is clean and my catch-alls are cleared. I am even having the boys pitch in. I have certain chores for certain days, not really chores but more like tasks like Wednesday is clean out the fridge day and Thursday is strip diapers day and Friday is clean out the car day. Doing the little things that take minutes on different days makes it so much easier then doing it all at once when I remember to do them. So i have journal now and I write everything I do down and it has helped me figure out a great routine and schedule for my family.
Tomorrow I have a baby shower to go to I made the cutest blanket for the new baby, I Hope the mom likes it lol. well my hubby is home and the baby must have heard him cause now she is awake Dough nuggets here we come haha

Friday, July 11, 2008

July 11th

Today was a pretty good day. I am finding it a little easier to get up in the morning thank God. I still haven't been able to keep a schedule, the main problem is Matthew and his naps but everything else is falling into place. For the past two weeks I have been itching to get my arm Tattooed. I want a half sleeve on my left arm,All Flowers with some wispy black and Gray smoke behind them. I all ready have a Rose on the inside now I just want the rest done.
The heat today was bearable but for some reason now at 4:00 pm its starting to heat up YUCK. Antioch is a hot place even when its windy.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 10th

Aww Thursday the day before Friday. today has been pretty uneventful. just doing my laundry and chasing the kids around. Delaney is getting more and more mischievous. She like to push the buttons on the T.V. She thinks it is really funny when she does it she claps and giggles. I think we might have our hands full with her. She is all ready getting a little attitude.
Today for Breakfeast Matthew had Bacon with Peanut butter on it. lol he said it was Yummy. well I was just happy he was eating.
Thats about it we have the air on and we are just trying to stay cool.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 8th

Well Delaney is 11 months old today. Only a few more weeks and she is going to be 1! Time flies by so fast. She is trying to walk. She was giving my zurburts(sp) last night and laughing her head off. I need ot get that on video. She already teases us, she gets going down the hall and when we go to catch her she turns laughs and crawls even faster. its hilarious.
I got up early and got Riley off to school, then came home and cooked some beet Pancakes. I know sounds sorta gross if you don't like beets. but you can't even taste them and it makes the pancakes a cool color red. The kids just eat them up. Matthew is doing pretty good with going on the toilet. Well I am going to try to get ready for this super hot day. I am going to take advantage of the heat and dry my cloths on the clothes line.

Monday, July 7, 2008

July 7th

July 7th already. My father turned 57 this past weekend. We went downtown for the Fourth of July to watch Riley be in the parade with his cub scout troop. He was so cute on the parade, when it got to our section he was super shy and just barely raised his hand to wave. lol Then we go to leave and we go to my car and oh my god where are my keys?!! Oh they are in the car in the ignition. I was in such a hurry to get Riley to his float on time I left the keys in the car with it on not running but just enough to drain the battery. REGINA STRIKES AGAIN I am such a idiot sometimes. Luckily Brian and his parents were there to help. we ended up having to go home twice once to get the keys and then again to get extra long jumper cables. We got home and since our breaker box is broken and we have no microwave or oven Brian cooked a fabulous dinner of lettuce wraps YUMMMMY on the BBQ. Then on Saturday we headed out to Fairfield to watch the UFC fight. The night was fun my best friends niece and nephew were out visiting and it was a really treat to see them since i haven't seen then since they were babies. Matthew of course went straight for my Friends niece( he is the little ladies man already). we got home and I went to get Matthew ready for bed and noticed a rash on him and the next morning he woke up with it all over his body. we ended up going to the after hours Doctor and turns out he has Hives. No idea how he got that, but at least he is still in a good mood. Last night I noticed Delaney getting another tooth and during dinner Riley lost one lol.
The past week has been good just trying to keep up on chores and trying to stick to a schedule. Brian and I sat down and tried to figure one out that would work for both of us. and we got it pretty figured out. Its not a min by min thing but its just a rough idea of eating and sleeping times. now its just my job to uphold it. the hardest part is figuring out what to have for dinner every night. That's the frustrating part.
Riley is going to be starting Soccer soon, and his 8th birthday and Delaney's 1st birthday are coming up next month. So I have a lot of planning to do for that. LIfe goes on everyday, the life of a house wive might seem boring and mundane to others but its no where near that.