Tuesday, March 10, 2009

quilting progres March 10th

so I was able to get all the fabric cut up. It took me a lot longer then I had expected. I worked on it for a few hours throughout yesterday and then a couple more hours today. I messed up on only one cut, but was able to fix it. The hardest thing to cut was the Sashing, which I have never done before. It was a really long cut and I messed it up a few times luckily I had enough to disregard the bad cuts. LOL So here are all the fabrics cut, and I am utilizing the organization skills that were suggested on Oh, Fransson. :)


Robyn said...

The sashing part confused me, too. But after I thought about it a while, I realized she wanted it folded again upon itself, so it was four layers thick. That allowed it to fit on the board but also produced really long cuts.

I got ahead of the quiltalong because I'm trying to finish it for a gift this week, and I was confused on putting the sashing together with the blocks. Fortunately, I think I've figured it out. But the way I did it, I needed a few extra small pieces. I'm glad I bought extra!

Regina said...

wow four layers thick I don't even know if I could have cut through that. When ever I cut through more then 3 my strips have a bowed effect and they are thicker in the middle. Have you posted the pics of your quilt top yet, i would love to see them. This is my first real quilt I am so excited to finish but I don't want to rush too far ahead Cause I am so unsure I don't want to mess it up too bad lol
Ps Thanks for stopping bye!!!