Monday, March 30, 2009

2 really ?come on

Two of my poor babies have ear infections. :) so its been a day of antibiotics and Motrin, runny noses and lots of cuddling.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Check out my FMQ

So I got my quilting done I tried to do free motion quilting, and even with a few mistakes and some quality time with my seam ripper I was really pleased with my results. I went a lot faster then I thought. The down side was man you use a lot of thread and I went through at least 5 full bobbins worth. All in all I was very proud of my self.
quilting part done :)
what do you think of my first atttempt at FMQ?


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me!! It's really hard to believe i am 32. people ask me and I forget and have to think about it haha

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In the home stretch.

I got my quilt top and the back all put together. The top isn't perfect but I think it looks pretty darn good for my real first quilt. I love the bright colors on the back. I think I am going to try to baste it today or tonight.

My quilt top
The back

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tantrum Tuesday

Well I got all my blocks done for my quilt and sewed all the rows together, Hung it up on my makeshift Design wall( a sheet taped to my living room wall) and found out that my middle sashing pieces are about 4 inches to short. GRRRR I dreaded cutting the sashing and new it would bite my butt in the end. Hopefully I can sew some extra pieces on to the ends and it won't be too noticeable.Luckily I am keeping this first quilt for my self, so I am not stressing to much, but I wish things would have gone smoothly oh well I am going to try to fix the mistakes and get my quilt top done by tomorrow so hopefully I will have some pics to share. :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day!!

Well half way through March all ready this year seems to be humming right along. Delaney is talking up a storm and Matthew is almost ready to start pre-school. Riley is sporting a new Mohawk, and he is all ready for summer. I got some more blocks done for my quilt. Block "C" C for challenge this was the trickiest blog so far, hopeful the freezer paper trick will work. :)
Block C For Challange
Block c
Block D which I find the least interesting and I don't know why.
Block D
and then I had to do these I couldn't wait to see what this block would look like. I Really think these are cool looking with the fabric

Friday, March 13, 2009

quilt-along Block B

quilt-along Block B
Originally uploaded by "R" Things

Finished Block B, this one was a fun block. I was so afraid that the seems wouldn't match up. I was skeptical at first about pressing my seems open but it really made a huge difference.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The fun Sewing party quilt progress March 12th

Got the first Block in the Quilt Along sewn together. I was very careful and got a perfect 1/4" seam on all but one block but they all turned out pretty good. I took some pics of my finished "A" Blocks and some sneak peaks of my sewing area. I got a spot in the Garage, our house is not ideal for my own sewing area :(. But I have a great cutting table and was able to set the ironing board up behind my sewing table so I just have to swivel around in my Chair and press my block, so super easy and time saving.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

quilting progres March 10th

so I was able to get all the fabric cut up. It took me a lot longer then I had expected. I worked on it for a few hours throughout yesterday and then a couple more hours today. I messed up on only one cut, but was able to fix it. The hardest thing to cut was the Sashing, which I have never done before. It was a really long cut and I messed it up a few times luckily I had enough to disregard the bad cuts. LOL So here are all the fabrics cut, and I am utilizing the organization skills that were suggested on Oh, Fransson. :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

My 12 Fabrics

So I got my fabric I ordered and then hit up the LQS and found the rest of the fabric. I am super excited to start and on Monday we start cutting the fabric, oh I am so nervous. I plan on doing white sashing I think it will make the colors really pop.

Friday, March 6, 2009

quilt attempts

I thought I would post some of my first attempts at quilts. here are 3 2 small ones I made for my boys and One I made from a kit.

quilting progress

so ever since I have decided to try start a quilt of course that is always on my mind. I had no idea where to start which is the biggest reason I never really started quilting. I have made a few small ones for my boys but nothing really big or too involved. So I asked some of my online quilting friends and got a few really good suggestions. The one that seemed to really appeal to me was this one Oh,Fransson Quilt a-long that was suggested by sonnetofthemoon. It appealed to me because its online so I can take things at my own pace, and it was a sampler. I have most of the supplies that are needed so I just had to find the right fabric(not as easy for me as I would like it to be) I stayed up pretty late looking at fabric on-line and finally found some. I then went out and looked at the local Jo-ann store but they had nothing and then the Local quilting store they were way way over my expected budget. so I went back online and bought this...

I will take some real live pics when it gets here because I had her substitute one of the fabrics that was in both piles with a lime green dot. so i will ahve pinks greens and light blues, there on only 10 fat quarters so I need 2 more for the quilt top and some sashing. I found another close by quilt shop when I accidentally found my self involved in a March Madness shop hop, and they have some great priced fabric. I found some really nice Amy butler for only $5 a yard. sew ewe quilt I forgot how much I needed for the back and the sashing so I need to go back to buy the rest and find 2 1/4 yard pieces that match the rest I bought. So wish me luck and I will post pics of the rest of my fabric. I might if I have time try to post my progress as well.
Happy Friday everybody!~Regina

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Half way thru the longest week. March 4th

It is really bad to think about book characters more then once a day. lol I picked up the Twilight book in the airport while waiting for our plane on our way to our cruise. My Friend Carrie had been raving about the books and I thought might as well try to read them. I never would have imaged the impact that one decision would make. As soon as I finished the book after our 7 day cruise I flipped to the start and read it all over again. I have read the whole series 3 times since October. Some days I wish I could just escape into the world and never come back out. I have been having one of those weeks. Yesterday in particular was very hard I was getting it from every angle the stress was threatening to totally disable me, but I have a great support system in my husband and mom and was able to keep my head above the gray clouds that were threatening to bring me down. The rain was actually a nice companion it reminded me of the books I so love. my Baby girl is teething and sick and super cranky, my middle one is constantly testing his authority with me and I am dealing with my oldest and some issues with school. I am trying to function on little sleep and a lot of coffee, not really the best thing but I can only do what I can do. Today seems to a lot better so I can actually write this and not feel as overwhelmed as I have been,a nd writing for me has always been wonderful therapy. I have over 2 dozen journals I have kept since 3rd grade. Blogging is all quite new to me but is proven to be just as therapeutic. On the bright side yesterday was my husbands birthday he turned 33 on SQUARE ROOT Day. lol 3-3-09. We had a nice dinner from Outback steak house. So I am fighting the urge to dive into my twilight world and just keep reading my children of the earth books, and try to get out to my sewing machine. I have been itching for days to start a few quilted pot holders to practice some of my straight 1/4"seams and some FMQ. Now that I have a new laptop thanks so my hubby I can bring all my tutorials I find online out to where I sew. I also need to make some new pillowcases and maybe and cute new laptop case.

Monday, March 2, 2009


sitting on the couch typing on my brand new birthday present from the hubby. I love it!!! He is so funny he can never keep a present a secret. lol