Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me!! It's really hard to believe i am 32. people ask me and I forget and have to think about it haha


Kate said...

Hi there! You asked about my daughter's paint color on my blog... it is "springfest' by Glidden (from Home Depot). I just turned 33 and the other day my fiance was harrassing me and made a comment about me being 34 and I stopped what I was saying and looked at him and asked, "am I really 34?". I couldn't remember! I guess once we hit 30 we don't care enough to count anymore :)

Regina said...

Thanks Kate I have been wanting to paint my living room green and can never find just the right color, I will have to head over to home depot. I know my kids always ask how old are you and I have to pause for a second and remember. Either we don't care enough to count or we are just blocking it out. hahaha
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