Thursday, September 25, 2008

September 25th

long week frustrating week. ready for the weekend. throwing a baby shower for my sister. hope it all goes good. made 3 blankets this week two scoodies 2 diaper caddies a jacket for pinky, PJ pants for Matthew and nothing for me. lol Riley has cub scouts today and no game this weekend yeah. 2 weeks from Saturday we are going to be getting on a plane to Florida and our cruise yippy so nervous and excited at the same time

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

She has 4 teeth

She has 4 teeth and Really long hair lol

Monday, September 15, 2008

September 15th

Why is it so expensive to be green. Sigg bottles, expensive Organic food, expensive
Hemp shower curtains expensive. its crazy. Even green cleaning products are super expensive. Its ridiculous it drives me crazy.

Friday, September 12, 2008

September 12th some of my Crafty things

some of the crafty things I have been up too...

A scoodie. I found this on this site --> Just Tutes I thought it looked super cute and easy to make so I tried it. what do you think?
I also have been making some baby blankets here and there. I made a super cute one for my Friend who is having a baby next month it has little owls all over it. I am so into Owls right now for some strange reason. can someone tell me what owls represent.

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And of course some cute things for little miss pinky of course a cute diaper and a cute little tutu

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If anybody wants any home made things just let me know baby blankets are awesome baby gifts and little girls always need tutus and of course with winter around the corner everybody needs a Scoodie.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

September 10th

updates short version....
Riley started second grade and is doing great. Along with tutoring and a good teacher I have noticed a dramatic difference. He gets his homework done at lightening speed and he does 90 percent of it on his own. Plus he is reading to us at night which we love. He is holding up really well with his full schedule. he has tutoring 3 days a week M-W-F cub scouts on Mondays and soccer practice every other Tuesday every other Wednesday and every Thursday. Wozzers huh. Plus the weekends consist of cub scout events and soccer games. His schedule alone is crazy, I am afraid to get Matthew involved in anything.
Matthew is getting more charming everyday and is growing like a weed if you can believe that. Yesterday on our way to pick up Riley I hear from the back seat " Hey mom I have hair on my legs and on my arms why?" I just started Laughing and then I heard " Hey whats so funny why are you laughing at me?" lol Of curse being a 3 year old his Favorite word in Why. Ugh I love how curious they are but oh my gosh It can get a bit old after a while if you know what I mean. He if fully out of diapers and is doing great he is even night trained all ready. He is learning his colors and numbers and ABC he catches on super quick. Everyday he amazes me with something he says or does. He can be a handful I will be the first to admit that but he brings such laughter and joy into our lives every day I would take all the craziness he brings just for one of his amazing little smiles or extraordinary hugs. Every night he snuggles up to us and says in his angelic little voice " I love my family very much" and names all of us off mommy daddy Pinky and he says even Riley haha.
Delaney "Pinky" she has four teeth and is practically running around the house. she has to feed herself now and has a little fit it you don't let her. Actually she is getting a little attitude about a lot of things. Yesterday I wouldn't let her play with scissors ( I know how could I) so she threw her arms down at her sides in protest and began to scream and me. I just laughed and thought wow it has all ready started. haha she is talking more and babbling a lot. She loves to play hide and seek with Matthew she giggles so hard its too funny. She loves her daddy and really likes when he brushes her hair, which is so long now I can put it in a little pony tail in the back. She has stopped nursing and has started sleeping through the night woopee for the sleep. She is still in cloth diapers and its is so much easier then I had thought. Her little tushie thanks me for it. lol
Well if you can believe it, that is the short version haha

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

September 9th

I think I have officially stopped Breastfeeding, and I am a little sad about it. Breastfeeding came so easy with Delaney she really made it a great pleasure. she wasn't a hard baby at all in that department. I heard it was going to be so hard to stop nursing her, people would tell me it took them so long to wean, but it was so easy to wean her I had to stop and think wow am I really done is it over? She has started sleeping through the night now for the past 3 days. I put her crib bumper back in her crib and I think that has a lot to do with her sleeping so well. she is in wool covers over her cloth so her little bum gets a lot of air flow which I think is so much more comfortable for her, and she is walking like crazy now so she is pretty tired when her little head hits the mattress. My baby is growing up so fast. I am starting to freak out. Today I was talking to my Grandma on the phone and I was telling her how freaked out I am about going on a the cruise and I almost started crying. I am so scared to go and have something happen to us, I can hardly write about it now without crying. (luckily no body can see if I am or not). I am such a worry wart I know, but I really can't help it. Sometimes I think I have mild OCD when it comes to stuff like that I almost feel like I have to worry or over think every thing. if I don't' worry something bad might really happen. Its super hard to explain, I am sure others out there can relate and explain it so much better then me. All I know is that I can't be one of those people that are everything is going to be fine Cause what if its not. Then what huh. I have these lame conversations with my self all day everyday back and forth the two little Reginas in my Brain arguing with themselves over what to worry about and what not to worry about. I see why some people just snap. Can you just picture two little Mes yelling at each other lol oh just that thought alone mad me smile Thanks self I needed that.

Friday, September 5, 2008

September 5th

I have never really been one to stress to hard about money, but man its so hard not to now a days. Everything is getting so expensive! every where you turn people are loosing homes, major business are shutting down. Just to drive around town to run errands it cost and arm and a leg in gas. Its hard to save for the future when you can hardly pay for the day to day stuff. I know that me going back to work won't even help because it will cost more to put the kids in day care( which I cringe at the thought of some stranger watching my babies) then I would bring home in pay. Plus my old company I use to work for just got bought by the company that Brian works for, so I wouldn't even be able to go back there. Times like I just want to pack up and move to a small town where we can walk ever where grow our own food and let go off all city life stress. It is my goal to get my family out of this state in the next 5 years trade it all in for a nice quiet life in the country were the kids can run and play in the sweet outdoors and just be outside and free. I would miss my Cali friends and family, but it would all be worth it if my kids can have a less stressful carefree life. I am sure that sounds a little naive and people say it would never be like that but I willing to try to make it happen.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September 3rd

Good bye August! Man that was a busy month. Riley turned 8 on Sunday the 31st we had a small but exciting Birthday party for him He got a huge Jumpy house, Cotton candy machine and a spin Art Machine. The kids had a blast. The got loaded up on cotton Candy and jumped there little fannies off in the jumpy house. Saturday we went a really nice back yard wedding and had way way too much fun, and paid for the next day while we were trying to clean the house for the birthday party. Delaney is really starting to walk a lot, last night while I was reading the boys a bedtime story she decided to walk all the way down the hall while holding onto her sippy cup to come and join us for the story. It was so cute and she still has her little sumo walk where she lifts her leg up really high and slams it down and then lifts her other leg up and slams it down lol it cracks me up. She can walk side ways and even back wards all ready too. She loves to dance and shake her head to the music its really funny. All the kids are doing really well. Riley is reading so much better now and he says he really likes 2nd grade we shall see how long that last once real homework starts. He starts up with cub scouts again and soccer is still going great, lots of practice and meeting conflicts with the two but we will be able to work it out. Matthew is getting the cutest little personality he is such a charmer and so very smart. I have such a soft spot in my heart for him, and he knows it. Everybody says he is a little devil but I know that he is just a curious rambunctious 3 year old. September is upon us and I have so much to still do this month. I am trying ot plan my sisters baby shower and get my house in order for our trip, and write out instruction for taking care of the kids. I just got an e-mail about my passport and they said it will be her on or around 10-6 which is just 6 days before our trip that makes me sooooo nervous. Ugh I hate stress. well that's my weekly update now to get back to my life