Wednesday, September 10, 2008

September 10th

updates short version....
Riley started second grade and is doing great. Along with tutoring and a good teacher I have noticed a dramatic difference. He gets his homework done at lightening speed and he does 90 percent of it on his own. Plus he is reading to us at night which we love. He is holding up really well with his full schedule. he has tutoring 3 days a week M-W-F cub scouts on Mondays and soccer practice every other Tuesday every other Wednesday and every Thursday. Wozzers huh. Plus the weekends consist of cub scout events and soccer games. His schedule alone is crazy, I am afraid to get Matthew involved in anything.
Matthew is getting more charming everyday and is growing like a weed if you can believe that. Yesterday on our way to pick up Riley I hear from the back seat " Hey mom I have hair on my legs and on my arms why?" I just started Laughing and then I heard " Hey whats so funny why are you laughing at me?" lol Of curse being a 3 year old his Favorite word in Why. Ugh I love how curious they are but oh my gosh It can get a bit old after a while if you know what I mean. He if fully out of diapers and is doing great he is even night trained all ready. He is learning his colors and numbers and ABC he catches on super quick. Everyday he amazes me with something he says or does. He can be a handful I will be the first to admit that but he brings such laughter and joy into our lives every day I would take all the craziness he brings just for one of his amazing little smiles or extraordinary hugs. Every night he snuggles up to us and says in his angelic little voice " I love my family very much" and names all of us off mommy daddy Pinky and he says even Riley haha.
Delaney "Pinky" she has four teeth and is practically running around the house. she has to feed herself now and has a little fit it you don't let her. Actually she is getting a little attitude about a lot of things. Yesterday I wouldn't let her play with scissors ( I know how could I) so she threw her arms down at her sides in protest and began to scream and me. I just laughed and thought wow it has all ready started. haha she is talking more and babbling a lot. She loves to play hide and seek with Matthew she giggles so hard its too funny. She loves her daddy and really likes when he brushes her hair, which is so long now I can put it in a little pony tail in the back. She has stopped nursing and has started sleeping through the night woopee for the sleep. She is still in cloth diapers and its is so much easier then I had thought. Her little tushie thanks me for it. lol
Well if you can believe it, that is the short version haha

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