Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Day

My eyes popped open at 4:30 am and not because of a child crying, nope just from my nerves. Today is the the day of my first Pampered Chef show. I am nervous and anxious as would be expected so for that reason I knew I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep, so instead of fighting it I thought I would just get up, sip some tea and write. I have had so much going on in the past month just like any other month but now I added pampered chef to the mix. I know that as soon as I get into my groove things will be good, I just need to find my rhythm. I am by nature not a structured person it was not how I grew up. Things just happened when they happened. So for me its hard to get into a routine hard to have a schedule I feel trapped by it, some days just thinking about all that I have to do gives my such anxiety,but I found that writing things down and then doing my list helps. I might not get it all done but it is a visual aid for me and just that alone calms me down a little. Other than the Pampered chef stuff My beautiful daughter has decided it is time for potty training. It sure came as a surprise to me, my boys were much older and I figured she would be earlier then the boys but not by this much. She is 22 months right now and I thought around 2 or 2 1/2 she would be ready or at least show some interest. Well I was way off. Last month she just started ripping her diaper off whenever she went #1. So by now she pretty much for the most part catches herself before and goes on the toilet. She doesn't really like going on the potty chair, she likes going where ever other person in the house goes. She very much likes to fit in. She also sits at the big table with us, no highchair for her.
I love how smart she is and it makes me so proud to see her grow and change everyday, but it makes me so sad at the same time. She is my baby my little girl I just want her to stop changing so fast, its like right before my eyes. The other day she learned the word APPLE and she says it perfectly, it so cute. Now when Riley is at school and you ask "where is Riley?" she juts looks at you and plainly says "school" like duh mom you know that. I love all her expressions she is so animated. I love all 3 of my little monkeys!!!
Well its about 6 am the sun has just come up, and the wind is blowing hard. The house is so quiet. I will leave this post with a picture of my new picture wall. enjoy :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I know where have I been

I have been so lazy about  blogging lately. I have been so busy I haven't even been able to quilt *Gasp* I know it so awful. lol I have a wip right now that I just need to do the binding on and I can post some pics. I have had a world wind 3 weeks. I started a new venture being a Pampered Chef consultant so all my blogging buddies if you need anything let me know*wink**wink.  I have also been planning a trip to Montana we are leaving in June for a week. Driving there and back, with the kids. It is sure to be a memerable experince. lol
I have been walking in the mornings with a girlfriend we get our strollers and load up the kids and get our walk on. It feels great and it beats walking on the treadmill anyday.I don't see my life slowing down anytime soon but hopefully I can blog more often. keep your eyes peeled for new quilts pics coming soon.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

new and Adorable shirts

I finally got around to stenciling a shirt. I love how it turned out. I did a bird cause Delaney loves birds or "birbs" as she says. I used the Freezer paper for the stencil and is was super easy, a lot easier then I thought it would be.

Then I made this one for Matthew for his Birthday I will try to get some action shots of it tomorrow. I think I am going to make one for all the kids for their birthday's

new and Adorable shirts

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Hats Old Friends

So I finished up my wall hanging last night. I used strips from all the things I have made. Which is really cool because I can look at it and remember all the people I have made them for. Some are clothes I have made for my kids or blankets I made for babies. I found a selvage edge that was pretty cool "New Hats old Friends". I thought it summed the wall Hanging up pretty good. new Hat being the new Wall Hanging and old friends being all the old scraps from all the things I have made my friends and family.

strippy wallhanging

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I am just waking up from a blurry blurry dream, the fog still in my head and the sleep still in my eyes. The feeling of the dream is still lingering in me and I am just trying to focus enough to make a pot of coffee and get my son off to school. These past 2 weeks have been so stressing to me for some reason. My kids are driving me up the walls and the weather is teasing us with the rain and sunshine. I am hopping today to get the kids off to the library for story time, and get some projects finished.

A Few hours later....
its 1:24 Delaney is down for her nap, Matthew is in the Garage playing Star Wars on the Wii and Riley is getting out of his school clothes and into his play clothes. I started writing this so I wanted to finish, even though I don't even remember what I had started to write about. so I'll just play catch up. Took the kids to the Library today, its a really nice library they have story time every Wednesday. I think I will make a routine of it, the kids like it and I have found a new pleasure in my life. Audio books. I can't believe I have never ever listened to a book on CD. It is so amazing. I am listening to INKHEART in my car right now and I love it. The kids like it too, they actually are quite(for the most part) in the car and just listen to the story.
I have two WIPS right now, a gift and a wall hanging. The wall hanging only needs the sleeve on the back. I'll have to post pics when its done. I have a heap of Laundry to get done, and then I might take the kids back to the Library for a 4pm story time.
Matthew turns 4 in 8 days and we are having a small party at the bowling alley. Delaney is about ready for potty training, she keeps taking off her diaper and yelling as she is running around the house "I nakky(naked)" I thought I might have at least another 6 months before she was ready( sigh). They all grow up so fast. well I better get to my heap of Laundry and hopefully tomorrow I will have pics up. Happy Wednesday!