Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December 23 Christmas eve Eve

Man what a December I got almost all my Christmas shopping done before December even got here, I finished all the homemade gifts last week, and now I just need to wrap all the kids stuff. I am so Happy I got it all done early, I think I will do that every year, it sure makes things so much easier. Yesterday Brian and I rearranged the living room and converted our 4 piece couch that seats like 6 people to a regular looking couch that seats 3 it makes our living room soo much bigger. I am trying to make space for the new Christmas presents the kids get. I am catching up on Laundry this week for some reason it just never ends Ugh no fun. Well Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December 17 my homemade Christmas

So I have been sewing up a storm for my the Majority of my Christmas presents. I can't post all of them here because I don't' want to ruin the surprise for the few people who read this that i made stuff for. so I will post a few things I made that I can post
This is a crayon Roll for my Niece including Crayons
This is a last minute Idea I had for my cousin Jacob He is on so I thought he might like a cool corduroy monster I might make some more and ad pockets for tooth fairy Pillow I was really pleased how this turned out, and it only took maybe 30 mins.
Photobucket This is for my sister I made her a purse organizer, it has pockets for her wallet, lip gloss, camera, phone keys hopefully she will like it and it will come in handy.Photobucket
Then I made some tote bags for my cousins. I am actually putting the real gift I bought them inside so they get two presents in one.One made one bought. These were super easy to make and fast, SO I might do it for more of the presents I am giving.
Hope you Liked the post and got an idea I made about 8 more presents I can't show. Maybe after Christmas I'll post a few
Merry Christmas everyone

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Decmeber 9th BRRRR

It was 29 degrees out this morning when I took Riley to school. My car windows were iced over and I could see my warm breath in my freezing car. But I am not complaining I love this weather. I would take it cold over hot any day. too me the cold is so refreshing I love walking in the cold and feeling in on my face and breathing in the ice cold air. I think that 29 is about the coldest I can stand with out wind, but still that's pretty damn cold. I have been colder standing at the top of a mountain with the wind whipping through me like shards of glass, but I still would take that over the sweltering 105 degree heat of the Antioch Summer. The Carribbean was a nice cozy humid warm I enjoyed that too, but I don't think I could trade that for the snowboarding we get here in California. I need to get up there this season and get my boys on some boards, I can't wait I wish I was filthy stinking rich sometimes.
Well I better get to the Grocery store I have a cookie exchange I need to make 6 dozen cookies for. Man that sounds like a lot I hope they all turn out good, I hope I don't' regret not just buying 6 dozen cookies, but I have this super cool pink Kitchen aid mixer I should get some good use out of. Well of to be Betty Crocker- later

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December 2nd

Well November is over and as usual it flew by which really sucks eggs cause its my favorite month. Thanksgiving was a blast. We spent it at my aunt and uncles house in lake port. There was about 50 people there and 18 of them for kids. lol they are almost out numbering us. there were 3 that were under the age of 2 . The kids got to ride the horses play with the 4 labs that were running around and visit with the pigs. Brian got to finally test out his shotgun and blew up a 250 pound pumpkin my dad brought up. I got to see a lot more of my family then I had expected which is always a super treat. It was crazy and chaotic but I wouldn't have had it any other way. We had a great dinner and then played a super fun game of APPLES TO APPLES ( for those of you who haven't played you need to!)
WE got home Friday afternoon and got some rest. Saturday my mom called and wanted to get out of town and go to Reno so Riley and I joined her and my niece meg for an overnight stay up there. We had a blast swimming in the indoor pool and playing the carnival games at Circus Circus. Long weekend for sure. Yesterday I got some much needed grocery shopping done. Other then then I have been thinking about starting to make and sell a few things. I really enjoy sewing but I really can't make that happen unless I make some money to fund my hobby lol so I have been thinking of getting a little stock pile of things together and starting an online shop. Hopefully I can make it happen who knows but at least I will have fun making the stuff lol Well Matthew beckons its breakfast time Happy Tuesday Yall !