Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December 2nd

Well November is over and as usual it flew by which really sucks eggs cause its my favorite month. Thanksgiving was a blast. We spent it at my aunt and uncles house in lake port. There was about 50 people there and 18 of them for kids. lol they are almost out numbering us. there were 3 that were under the age of 2 . The kids got to ride the horses play with the 4 labs that were running around and visit with the pigs. Brian got to finally test out his shotgun and blew up a 250 pound pumpkin my dad brought up. I got to see a lot more of my family then I had expected which is always a super treat. It was crazy and chaotic but I wouldn't have had it any other way. We had a great dinner and then played a super fun game of APPLES TO APPLES ( for those of you who haven't played you need to!)
WE got home Friday afternoon and got some rest. Saturday my mom called and wanted to get out of town and go to Reno so Riley and I joined her and my niece meg for an overnight stay up there. We had a blast swimming in the indoor pool and playing the carnival games at Circus Circus. Long weekend for sure. Yesterday I got some much needed grocery shopping done. Other then then I have been thinking about starting to make and sell a few things. I really enjoy sewing but I really can't make that happen unless I make some money to fund my hobby lol so I have been thinking of getting a little stock pile of things together and starting an online shop. Hopefully I can make it happen who knows but at least I will have fun making the stuff lol Well Matthew beckons its breakfast time Happy Tuesday Yall !

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