Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Decmeber 9th BRRRR

It was 29 degrees out this morning when I took Riley to school. My car windows were iced over and I could see my warm breath in my freezing car. But I am not complaining I love this weather. I would take it cold over hot any day. too me the cold is so refreshing I love walking in the cold and feeling in on my face and breathing in the ice cold air. I think that 29 is about the coldest I can stand with out wind, but still that's pretty damn cold. I have been colder standing at the top of a mountain with the wind whipping through me like shards of glass, but I still would take that over the sweltering 105 degree heat of the Antioch Summer. The Carribbean was a nice cozy humid warm I enjoyed that too, but I don't think I could trade that for the snowboarding we get here in California. I need to get up there this season and get my boys on some boards, I can't wait I wish I was filthy stinking rich sometimes.
Well I better get to the Grocery store I have a cookie exchange I need to make 6 dozen cookies for. Man that sounds like a lot I hope they all turn out good, I hope I don't' regret not just buying 6 dozen cookies, but I have this super cool pink Kitchen aid mixer I should get some good use out of. Well of to be Betty Crocker- later

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