Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September 3rd

Good bye August! Man that was a busy month. Riley turned 8 on Sunday the 31st we had a small but exciting Birthday party for him He got a huge Jumpy house, Cotton candy machine and a spin Art Machine. The kids had a blast. The got loaded up on cotton Candy and jumped there little fannies off in the jumpy house. Saturday we went a really nice back yard wedding and had way way too much fun, and paid for the next day while we were trying to clean the house for the birthday party. Delaney is really starting to walk a lot, last night while I was reading the boys a bedtime story she decided to walk all the way down the hall while holding onto her sippy cup to come and join us for the story. It was so cute and she still has her little sumo walk where she lifts her leg up really high and slams it down and then lifts her other leg up and slams it down lol it cracks me up. She can walk side ways and even back wards all ready too. She loves to dance and shake her head to the music its really funny. All the kids are doing really well. Riley is reading so much better now and he says he really likes 2nd grade we shall see how long that last once real homework starts. He starts up with cub scouts again and soccer is still going great, lots of practice and meeting conflicts with the two but we will be able to work it out. Matthew is getting the cutest little personality he is such a charmer and so very smart. I have such a soft spot in my heart for him, and he knows it. Everybody says he is a little devil but I know that he is just a curious rambunctious 3 year old. September is upon us and I have so much to still do this month. I am trying ot plan my sisters baby shower and get my house in order for our trip, and write out instruction for taking care of the kids. I just got an e-mail about my passport and they said it will be her on or around 10-6 which is just 6 days before our trip that makes me sooooo nervous. Ugh I hate stress. well that's my weekly update now to get back to my life

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