Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In the home stretch.

I got my quilt top and the back all put together. The top isn't perfect but I think it looks pretty darn good for my real first quilt. I love the bright colors on the back. I think I am going to try to baste it today or tonight.

My quilt top
The back


crystal said...

Oh wow! This is beautiful! I love the pink and green back too! Fantastic job!

Do you know how you're going to quilt it yet?

Regina said...

i am going to try my hand at FMQ I have been practicing but I am still supper nervous. lol

crystal said...

Good luck! I think FMQ is way more fun than regular boring straight line quilting.

Regina said...

Thanks we shall see. I am so scared to mess up this wonderful quilt. any helpful tips? I am going to go doodle now and practice on paper. lol

crystal said...

I guess my tips are sew fast, move the quilt slow/medium. Get a good grip on the quilt...I use gardening gloves with the rubber dots on the fingers/palms. Most importantly...feed dogs down! Haha...I learned that the hard way.

Also, sometimes loops are easier because you can cross over your own stitching lines. If you do a wandering pattern, you should try not to cross your lines.

Take breaks because your shoulders will get tired and your eyes will get all crazy from staring at the needle. :)

Oh, and try to avoid the birds nest by pulling your bottom thread to the you do when you change a bobbin only you do it after the quilt is under the needle. Then you can keep track of both threads and they won't get tangled up.

And just have fun. This quilt is for you and a few uneven, jagged, wonky stitching lines will not ruin this beautiful quilt. I promise.