Sunday, March 29, 2009

Check out my FMQ

So I got my quilting done I tried to do free motion quilting, and even with a few mistakes and some quality time with my seam ripper I was really pleased with my results. I went a lot faster then I thought. The down side was man you use a lot of thread and I went through at least 5 full bobbins worth. All in all I was very proud of my self.
quilting part done :)
what do you think of my first atttempt at FMQ?



Shelley said...

That quilt is just gorgeous! How long have you been quilting for and did it take long to master the blocking techniques?
Shelley xx

Regina said...

Thank you, This my first real quilt. I have made others,mostley just simple squares sewed together and little baby ones for my sons. This is my first time Free motion quilting. Elizabeth from the quilt along has such great instruction no block was hard at all. The hardest part was picking out the fabric. Really. no joke. ;)

crystal said...

Fantastic job at fmq! It's absolutely lovely and not just for a first try, you know? I'm very impressed!

Regina said...

That means a lot to me coming from you Crystal Thanks. I took your advice and reminded myself this one is for me and I just had fun with it. and I love my results. I think doing the doodling on paper first really helped, and learning how to listen to my machine when its at the right speed and stay at that constant speed.

Patricia said...

wow great job. I can't believe how your stippling came out. Really nice. I wish that I could get it down but my machine doesn't like me!

CC said...

Lovely quilt - i really like the brights - i think i've realized that i am a naturally into neutral subdued colours - at least that's what my stash tells me - i really do hear it speaking sometimes ;-)