Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day!!

Well half way through March all ready this year seems to be humming right along. Delaney is talking up a storm and Matthew is almost ready to start pre-school. Riley is sporting a new Mohawk, and he is all ready for summer. I got some more blocks done for my quilt. Block "C" C for challenge this was the trickiest blog so far, hopeful the freezer paper trick will work. :)
Block C For Challange
Block c
Block D which I find the least interesting and I don't know why.
Block D
and then I had to do these I couldn't wait to see what this block would look like. I Really think these are cool looking with the fabric


crystal said...

Very nice! I love the square in a square blocks!

Regina said...

Thank you, I am having a ton of fun and learning so much with this quilt along thank you so much for suggesting it. I love Elizabeth's quilts and her instructions or so easy to fallow.