Friday, March 6, 2009

quilting progress

so ever since I have decided to try start a quilt of course that is always on my mind. I had no idea where to start which is the biggest reason I never really started quilting. I have made a few small ones for my boys but nothing really big or too involved. So I asked some of my online quilting friends and got a few really good suggestions. The one that seemed to really appeal to me was this one Oh,Fransson Quilt a-long that was suggested by sonnetofthemoon. It appealed to me because its online so I can take things at my own pace, and it was a sampler. I have most of the supplies that are needed so I just had to find the right fabric(not as easy for me as I would like it to be) I stayed up pretty late looking at fabric on-line and finally found some. I then went out and looked at the local Jo-ann store but they had nothing and then the Local quilting store they were way way over my expected budget. so I went back online and bought this...

I will take some real live pics when it gets here because I had her substitute one of the fabrics that was in both piles with a lime green dot. so i will ahve pinks greens and light blues, there on only 10 fat quarters so I need 2 more for the quilt top and some sashing. I found another close by quilt shop when I accidentally found my self involved in a March Madness shop hop, and they have some great priced fabric. I found some really nice Amy butler for only $5 a yard. sew ewe quilt I forgot how much I needed for the back and the sashing so I need to go back to buy the rest and find 2 1/4 yard pieces that match the rest I bought. So wish me luck and I will post pics of the rest of my fabric. I might if I have time try to post my progress as well.
Happy Friday everybody!~Regina

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