Saturday, July 26, 2008

July 26th

Saturday is here and the house is quiet, Brian is at the store getting oil to make our weekend breakfast. Yummy homemade Dough nuggets. Riley and Brian make them for the rest of us and they are soooo yummy.Riley is out of summer school, so now he just has his daily tutoring which seems to be going good. He likes it and is excited about going and for Riley that says a lot. He has his first soccer practice on Tuesday so Brian's parents are going to get him a new pair of Soccer shoes today. Brian is going to work on a friends car and I think I am just going to lounge around the house, maybe do some sewing or do some de-cluttering. I am been keeping on a schedule for about 2 weeks now thanks to a very helpful website. I actually looked it a few years ago but it just wasn't for me then, I then stumbled across it again and it has been a life safer. My house isn't always clean but it is so tidy now. I don't have those piles of crap everywhere. and you can actually walk through the living room without stepping on toys. My bedroom is getting more and more de-cluttering every day you can see my dresser and Brian's dresser. The desk is visible and the mounds of papers are getting smaller. The felling I got from all the stuff was a suffocating feeling, and it is gone. Now every night before bed my kitchen is clean and my catch-alls are cleared. I am even having the boys pitch in. I have certain chores for certain days, not really chores but more like tasks like Wednesday is clean out the fridge day and Thursday is strip diapers day and Friday is clean out the car day. Doing the little things that take minutes on different days makes it so much easier then doing it all at once when I remember to do them. So i have journal now and I write everything I do down and it has helped me figure out a great routine and schedule for my family.
Tomorrow I have a baby shower to go to I made the cutest blanket for the new baby, I Hope the mom likes it lol. well my hubby is home and the baby must have heard him cause now she is awake Dough nuggets here we come haha

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