Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 8th

Well Delaney is 11 months old today. Only a few more weeks and she is going to be 1! Time flies by so fast. She is trying to walk. She was giving my zurburts(sp) last night and laughing her head off. I need ot get that on video. She already teases us, she gets going down the hall and when we go to catch her she turns laughs and crawls even faster. its hilarious.
I got up early and got Riley off to school, then came home and cooked some beet Pancakes. I know sounds sorta gross if you don't like beets. but you can't even taste them and it makes the pancakes a cool color red. The kids just eat them up. Matthew is doing pretty good with going on the toilet. Well I am going to try to get ready for this super hot day. I am going to take advantage of the heat and dry my cloths on the clothes line.

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