Friday, May 9, 2008

May 9th

Woke in a horrible mood today. Its really bad when you start your day off like that. I got very little sleep last night( what else is new right?) Delaney woke up around 3 and wanted to eat and then I put here back to bed and I couldn't fall back to sleep right away so like a crazy old lady I am packing Riley's school lunch at 3:45 AM. When I got back to bed Matthew was in my spot and wouldn't give it up he ended up kicking me in the face, nice huh? I just had no motivation today and my poor house looks like a tornado hit it.
ON the bright side Riley and I started on his Cub scout projects, Since he joined late we have to do all the Den activities at home which is actually quiet fun. We just did a food pyramid, and we started a family scrapbook. We did a leaf rubbing last night which turned out pretty cool. We have to do a lot more so he can graduate in June but it won't be that hard. He got his little tiger paw last night so he can start putting his beads on it. My mother -in-law found Brian's old cub scout uniform that she kept, it was so cool seeing Riley wear it. His face just lights up and you can tell he is so proud of himself when he wears his uniform, its too cool.
We are going to have a big BBQ with the Neighbor tonight, some pork loin and tiger prawns yummy. Tomorrow Delaney and i are going to pick up Dawn and head over to a friends house for a purse party. Friday started off Rocky but it seems like its going to end up OK.:)


danielle said...

I love reading your blogs. It makes me miss you and the kids so much though. Zack & I are on are way to watch the newest videos you sent us. It makes our weekends. We love you.

Anonymous said...

see things may seem like they are starting out bad, but they always work out!