Monday, May 12, 2008

May 13th

Well I had a great mothers day! My mom came up Saturday night and spent the night and we had Brunch with Brian's mom and step-father. he made the best eggs benedict. My favorite breakfast ever. The rest of the day went well, relaxed in the back yard sunbathing in my hammock with a margarita. Monday was a good day, I got up and got my butt on my treadmill. I didn't' want to I never do. I got on and I actually jogged for 10 mins which is a big accomplishment for me. I couldn't believe I did it. I felt great and very proud of my self. Then Brian, I and the kids went to get Riley and went to Wal-mart. Saw some live action drama take place. A woman got caught shoplifting and when the undercover security guard tried to take her in to custody her posse started trying to fight the security guard. oh it was great.People are so stupid sometimes it amazes me. Then after all that we went shopping and then went home. I tried to get some sewing done but that didn't go so well. Then we went out to dinner and had an nice family dinner.
Today is off to a slow start. Matthew is in time out crying and Delaney is trying to take a nap. I still need to walk and get stuff together for Matthew's birthday party this weekend.

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