Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May 7th

So glad its Wednesday. I am looking forward to Mothers day. i hope my mom can make it out. I haven't spent a mothers day with her in almost 3 years. I still have a card I bought 3 years ago. It's hard with the gas prices to go out and see her as much as i would like, and its hard for her to get out here too.
Its been 3 days on my new exercise , eating plan. Its going good so far. I just have to keep my ass on the treadmill. its hard but once I get passed the first 15 mins it gets easier. Plus My best friend and i are keeping each other encouraged. Every day I send her an e-mail telling her how I have been and asking her how she is doing. It makes us accountable to each other. For me its good writing to her everyday because its like I am also telling my self to keep on track.
No major plans for today just get my stuff done around the house and keep the kids entertained. Delaney woke me up around 6:45 with her little coos and Da-Da. She says Da-DA all the time and sometimes it even sounds like she says Dad. its so cute. its funny when Riley and Matthew try to get her to say mamama. She will be ( months old tomorrow. still no teeth and not crawling yet, but she gets around good. she just scoots herself on her little behind. She also has a walker and she is all over the place in that thing. Matthew woke up today around 9:30 and the first thing he said when he say me was "You love me mommy?" he just melts my heart, then 20 mins later he is breaking a DVD and having a melt down. haha
The weather is perfect outside, I think I am gong to go clean the kitchen and get the kids outside to play.

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