Monday, October 6, 2008

October 6th

So its only 5 days till our cruise. I can't believe it. I really shouldn't even be on here. I have so much stuff to do. The list is long, which is one of the reasons I am sitting here. lol That is my procrastinating side taking over. I still need to get disposable diapers (*sigh*) for Delaney and food for some dinners I want to freeze for the kids. so my mom and in-laws don't have to do too much work. Make some yummy beet pancakes and some vegi lasagna. Make sure all the bedsheets are nice and clean and double check my control Journal and make sure all the contact info and the instructions for the kids is all correct. Plus still pack. 5 days might sound like a long time, but I still have my normal everyday mom duties to attend to. I wish I had more time to just sit and write.
On a more more fun note. My best friend and I went and got pedicure's this weekend(Thanks for my B-day present) and my feet look and feel amazing. I was so nice to just take a few hours to ourselves and get away from the hubbies and the kids. Awww I really hope to make it a monthly thing.


Anonymous said...

Have fun on your cruise!

Regina said...

Thanks! i am so looking forward to doing nothing lol