Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wednesday Night Dinner

Wednesday night dinner our turn.
So this week it was our turn to cook and usually we have a plan in mind, but not this week. At first I wanted to do enchiladas,then I wanted to do a Mexican Cob salad. We looked through a few cookbooks Tuesday night and decided to make a chicken Mojito Salad. Fast forward to about 1 hour before dinner and we look at the recipe again and I just wasn't' feeling the chicken Salad. You know how that goes,you have everything set up the day before your recipe planned your ingredients in stock, then the time comes to cook the dinner you just are not in the mood. So back to the cookbooks we go. We finally decide on some Ultimate Peppercorn Burgers and Grilled Romaine with Blue Cheese-Bacon Vinaigrette Click on the links for recipes. We choose to use Cibatta bread instead of onion bread. I put on some avocado and Jody and Brian added a little Serrano pepper from our Garden to the ground meat. It turned out so good and the salad was a little awkward to eat due to the size but it was delicious as well. Both recipes defiantly a for sure repeat.

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