Thursday, July 7, 2011

We have a good thing going....

So for about a year and a half now, we have been getting together will our friends once a week for dinner. Our Friend Jason started it he would have some friends over to watch Sons of Anarchy and they would cook dinner, then it turned into we switched houses, still watched SOA and still cooked dinner. After the season of SOA was over we still cooked dinner and switched houses. After over a year it has turned it to one of the things I look forward to all week.SOAs new season still hasn't started yet Jody and I sure do miss Jax lol. More important then the TV show though is the great company we share. Jason, Jody and Jason's daughter

are not only our good friends but have become part of our family. The kids love them and so do we. It is so fun to get together and share a great meal and relaxing drink. It sure breaks up the week and makes the second half a lot more bearable. So I decided to start posting our weekly Wednesday night dinners on here with the recipe. Our dinner last night was at Jason and Jodie's house and we had her yummy meatball subs. They are so delicious,and as she showed me really easy to make, so easy in fact that I plan on making a ton of meatballs and freezing them for some quick and easy meals.