Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 10th

Feeling a little sappy
I don't know if its the two cups of Coffee or the heat but I am feeling extremely sappy right now. For those of you who know me well I don't ever ever drink coffee, but thought it would help me today sense I got up at 6 am and only slept about 4 hours last night. So far its helped a little. Any ways back to my reason for writing this. I just wanted to say to all those mothers out there and all those soon to be mothers I know( i think the total is now up to 8) I just want to say Being a mother is the greatest job I have ever had. I am sure you would all agree. The pay is the best cause it is paid to us in love and kisses and the wonderful joy of accomplishment when we witness our kids doing great. Even the smallest things make your day. unlike my other jobs I had were you get a good pat on the back and a nice piece of paper saying you did a good job, now I get I love you mommies and hugs and kisses. Even though some days are harder then others I wouldn't trade them for anything. On the nights were my daughter doesn't sleep or the dayswere my 3 year old refuses to eat anything I just remember how lucky I really am to just have there smiling faces in my life and how I couldn't image a time without them. For some reason this year I have been looking at life in a new way. I dont' care really what others are doing or what drama is going on. I just want to be present in my own life and be aware of what I have going on. I don't judge people as much ( i never really did too much) anymore and I don't hate on people either. Just those actions alone have made me a better person and so less likely to stress out. I use to look at others and think in my head man I wish I had a nice house like that or new fancy car. But I came to realize that I have everything I need , food, shelter., insane amounts of love. I don't need anything else. My kids are happy and healthy and well taken care of. Maybe they don't have all the newest toys and coolest toys but they have a family and friends that care a lot about them. As of right now in this stage of my life I want to just live day by day and not think to much about what is going on down the road. Thinking too much ahead makes the days now go by way too fast. love to you all

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