Friday, June 20, 2008

June 20th

Well its Friday I survived this week, I can't believe I still have my sanity. On Monday my niece came out to stay for the week. She is 5 so I had 4 kids this week. Luckily she is a huge helper and doens' talk back or whine. She had only two moments of home sickness and they she was very easy to comfort.I was very proud of her. Delaney had been fighting a fever over the weekend I thought it was her breaking her teeth in, but on Tuesday morning she woke up at 5 am with a terrible looking rash on her face and upper body. So the kids and I headed out to the doctors to get her checked out. Turns out she got Rosiola somehow. luckily the rash is the end of it and the next day she woke up just fine. She was a little fussy but not too bad. Tuesday night I forgot to shut or Garage door and some one came into our garage and stole Brian's laptop. I felt so awful, and stupid. So Wednesday was a pretty rough day, I was feeling terrible so in turn my negative vibes rubbed off on the kids and they were all acting up. So at 3 I decided to get them out of the house and head down to the Library for a cool Bug lab they had going on. The kids all got to hear and learn about bugs and how important they are even though they seem really icky. they even got to touch and hold the bugs if they wanted to, which to my surprise they did. They had just to name the ones I remember. A Madagascar hissing Coach roach, a huge Cricket, a couple walking stick bugs and a Millipede. There were a few more but I can't remember what they were. Then we went home and tried to keep cool. I think it got to about a 100 degrees. Thursday we got up and ate and headed out to pump it up and fun place for kids with jumpy houses and big inflatable slides. They had a blast and I had fun just watching them. Then the kids got a Happy meal and headed home to relax. then around 6, Brains uncle came by and dropped off a almost new washer and Dryer and fridge. So we got to work cleaning out the old fridge and trying to get the new one in. OH my god its a huge fridge Brian ended up having to cut a strip out of the counter top to make it fit int he place the old fridge was. So here it is Friday its 10 am the kids just had breakfast they are sitting down watching a quick movie I am goint to go exercise and then head of to a nice shower. to get my busy day started. WE have to clean the house get all megs clothes together and sorted, then go check Riley's summer school to see what class he is in, then head out of town with our first stop being my Friends carries so I can finally see baby Robbie, then to my dads work to visit and pick up some tickets, then to napa to drop off Meg and visit with my mom and sis, then to my cousin Suzy's house to show her house to use a Met tie, and then hopefully home before nine. haha I must be crazy. Well I am off.

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