Thursday, June 26, 2008

June 27th

having a slow day. just kind of meandering around the house, not really doing any of my chores I should be doing. I got up and got Riley off to school. I am finding that I really am enjoying doing this. I think its because its just him and I. We get up early eat breakfast together talk on the way to school and its nice and quiet. When the other two kids join the mix its always hard for Riley to get a word in and he gets very frustrated. I think I really need to do more one on one time with each one of my kids and so does Brian. It really gives us a chance to get to know them a lot better, and it would help them to get all the attention once in a while.
I have also ventured in to the land of cloth diapering. I have been going slow I still use disposable when I go out of the house and for at night. I haven't gotten enough cloth diaper covers ( I only have one) to feel comfortable going to the sore in a cloth diaper and she still wets a lot a night for me to be sure she will be comfortable in a cloth diaper. I have been wanting to change to cloth for some time know and I wish I had done it with Matthew but I wasn't as well informed as I am now. So I have decided to to cloth for Delaney and really really focus on getting Matthew in underwear. he is doing really well so far. I think he likes his disposables cause when he goes in them he gets attention when he needs a diaper change. So we are really trying to encourage and reward him for going on the toilet. I also think he get busy doing stuff and just doesn't want to pull himself away from things to got in the potty. Man life with 3 kids is hectic and I never stop worrying, but its also so rewarding and wonderful. :)
Her are some cute pics!

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melissa said...

I hear yah. Its hard work that's for sure. The cloth diapers will make it very easy to potty train because they feel uncomfortable when they wet unlike disposables. Not to mention that its WAY better for the go girl!