Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August 12

Its late Tuesday night, Delaney is still awake and crying poor baby. The boys are asleep. Its only Tuesday and its all ready been a stressful week, well actually its been a stressful month. I can barley think about the day to day stuff much less the stuff I need to plan for a month down the road. It's sad but I hope next year will be a little less caotic. The most stressful thing right now is the cruise we have coming up in October, isn't that suppose to be the less stressful thing. lol
on a high note This past Sunday we had Delaney's first birthday party and it went pretty well. It was uncomfortable hot and the all the kids got a little too crazy but it turned out to be a great day. Delaney was in a super mood the whole day and she seemed to really enjoy all the people.

Here is a cute picture of her and her cake

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Melissa said...

SWEET! She is getting so big. I LOVE the new look of the blogger page btw!