Friday, August 15, 2008

august 15th

so I got up Early today well actually Delaney got up early today I had no choice but to get up. lol I was thinking of all the "things" I really used as a mother,and all the "things" I thought I needed but really didn't so I am making a list in hopes of helping all my friends who are becoming new mothers them selves. So they can save the money they spend on the things they don't really need and spend the money on the things that really do help. These are just my opinions what works for me wont' work for everybody

These are the tings I have never stop using over the years with all 3 of my kids.

*A good sling here are some great links for good slings-,
I used a sling with all 3 of my kids. With Riley he had colic and would not let me put him down, for Matthew he was a cluster feeder and wanted to nurse all the time, and with Delaney she is such a chunk wearing her takes a lot of stress of my back. It took me a while to get over the learning curve but once I did I couldn't live with out my sling.

* A bouncy seat
I like the bouncy seats they are a great portable sleeping place. The move easily from room to room and you can keep a close eye on them wherever you are.

*For nursing moms you need some comfortable fitting nursing bras, don't' get fooled into buying the most expensive either, I found mine at motherhood I bought two that were $20 a piece and a year later they still are working great.
Also good nursing pads I love the lansolin.

*a good bassinet,crib,play pen. I think a good sturdy simple one works you don't really need all the toy attachment and crazy stuff. just as long as it portable and sturdy

*A changing table
To me I thought this was not a must have until my back was aching from changing my son on the bed.

* baby legs
I just discovered these for my last baby and wish I would have found them sooner. They make diaper changes so easy, and when they start crawling they keep your baby's legs protected.

*something musical to play in baby's room to help them sleep. I got a baby mp3 player from Playskool. its nice portable and you can put any music on it and it holds a ton of songs.

* clip on baby chair the ones that clip onto the table used for all 3 of my kids

* Last but not least a magic baby Blanket Made by Me lol

Here are a few things I thought I really needed but really didn't
*diaper Genni
used but only for a few months

*bottle warmer
Waste of money

* wipe warmer :(

*lots of toys
yeah toys are fun at first but babies lose interest really fast. to me all babies really like for the first year are happy smiling faces, rattles, music,and food. I thought getting all the cool toys would keep the baby occupied and I could do things around the house, but no toys are good unless you play with the baby too.

* swings
I am on the fence about swings I had one and used it but I hated it cause it wasn't portable. I use the bounce seat more. to me they take up a lot of space and take a lot of batteries. @ out of 3 of my kids liked them but they also like a bouncy seat just as much.

* Fancy TV baby monitor


Well I am sure there are many more I can put on both list but that is enough for now. The thing I do know after having 3 kids is As a mom you do whatever you need to do just to survive! Being a parent is tough and you have moments but those moments pass and the good days always out weigh the bad.

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