Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January 13th

Thirteen days into January all ready. Things just seem to be rolling along. each Day pretty much the same as the last. Typical life of a stay at home mom, full of laughs screams of joy and pain mostly from the kids of course. Matthew and Delaney love to play together but also fight a lot too. Poor Riley is so over his younger siblings sometimes. I wish he has his own space I remember what it was like being the older child and having to share a room with my younger sister. Ugh!
Riley is doing good in school the light seems to have finally come on in the way of his reading. He is a lot more confident in himself and he is comprehending what is is reading much more then just a few weeks ago. He has do do an oral report on his German Heritage this week. We picked that because out of all the nationalities he has he has German from both his dads side and my side. so it just seemed the logical choice.
Matthew and Delaney both have seemed to have gotten so much more demanding lately I don't' know why but they both hate when the other gets more of the attention.
Brian acquired and new vehicle yippy skippy. he got a shell of a 4Runner he is still unsure if he wants to keep it or part it out, but hopefully either way he doesn't drop a whole lot of money into it. Our house is falling apart. our dishwasher broke and now our microwave and Garage door just went down. Oh the joys of owning your own home.
As for me I am hoping to turn a little profit from my sewing hobby and start selling some purses and zippered wallets. I have sold a ton of blankets but I am hoping to reach more people on-line and sell other things. Wish me luck and check out my Etsy store or visit my MySpace page and look at the stuff and things I make pictures.


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