Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday January 14th

Today and Yesterday I helped out in Riley's class. I have been testing the kids on their reading accuracy. Tomorrow I get to test them for the STAR exams. I really really enjoy helping out in his class. I am glad Brian has the job he has and can watch the kids for an hour or two in the morning so I am able to help out. I remember being a kid in elementary school and really wanting my mom more involved at my school. I really just wanted her more involved period. but that's another story maybe for another day.
Today I had to have Riley read to me and I thought at first that he wouldn't you know being its me he is reading to and at home he hates reading to me, but he was very professional and did a great job. He has his oral report today he did a great at practicing last night I took a video of him he gets so animated when that camera turns on its too cute.
Well I am on to try to do some work household chores and sewing.

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